Today I will be sharing with you 14 things that are items The Dollar Tree carries everyone should be picking up instead of at your big box store. Not only are they cheaper but they also have some really awesome designs and options I know you will love to see in this dollar tree haul video

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  1. Pet supplies, pet treats especially when they have the name brand ones

  2. They have the best toys, bro.

  3. I love buying my Halloween costume there every year. I also to like buying their makeup and stuffed animals. They have nice decorations too.

  4. L would not buy is candy or snack

  5. Some other good ones are aluminum foil, Tupperware and dish soap/laundry detergent!

  6. Pregnancy tests at Walmart (very basic) are under a dollar 🙂

  7. Their tampons w plastic applicator is $1 for 8 of them which makes them only about 12 cents per tampon.

  8. No people buy a GOOD pregnancy test!

  9. I love to buy the cards and snazzy it up with some stickles from the craft store. Its glittery bliss for like 4 bucks! I love the clear one with glitter, and it makes all my dollar store cards pop!

  10. I buy from the Dollar Tree. I buy mostly all my household items from there. And cards and gift bags and just a whole lot of stuff. The snacks are are so good and I love the fact that everything is a dollar. Love your videos just seen them and you are wonderful.

  11. Always your videos 👌👌👌are perfect

  12. Walmart sells 12 greeting cards for $4.19. To me is the best deal. It’s cute

  13. Something I always buy is wall stickers

  14. Aluminum Foil Sheets! That is my # 1 item from the dollar tree. They are name brand and great when you are popping something in the oven and don't want to get the pan dirty if it spills over. I have saved so much money on aluminum foil since I found them! Also my number 2 is android chargers. My daughter goes through them for her tablet and they have so many kinds and are only $1- can't beat that!

  15. I know I'm so late to the party for this video but I love the dollar tree! Some of my favorite items to get are:
    – Wet and dry floor cloths (knockoff swiffer sweeper refills)
    – Kitchen sponges and reusable cloths
    – Rubber gloves for cleaning and doing dishes
    – Air fresheners
    – Parchment paper and plastic wrap
    – Foil pans and trays
    – Ramen noodle multi packs (college student life)
    – Mailing/ Shipping supplies (mailing envelopes, packing tape, small rolls of bubble wrap)
    – Cleaners (the value size fabuloso bottles, knockoff windex, knockoff pinesol)
    – Dish soap
    – Dryer sheets
    – Holiday items/ supplies
    I love watching these videos!

  16. I buy Rockstar energy drinks from there!

  17. I try to always buy my gift baggies, tissue paper and gift boxes things of that nature at the dollar store/tree.

  18. We recycle alot of gift bags and reuse them

  19. Actually Walmart has a similar pregnancy test for 88 cents that works just as good used one everytime I was pregnant

  20. Greeting cards anywhere else are very expensive as well as gift wrap etc.

  21. I just subscribed. First, i agree that the DT can be a big, big help in making a budget work. Second, id like to compliment YOU. Although ur gorgeous, u dont have a pompous, entitled attitude. So refreshing! Im very tired of the knock out know it all's with hair extensions and perfect makeup who try to look like they work hard. They "perform" rather than inform, and its just not helpful. Ill be waiting for ur next vid!

  22. I got my preg test at dollar tree both times I found out I was preg. I also get my activity books. Another thing you should buy is cleaning supplies and air fresheners, bath sponges, deodorant (they have suave) rubbermaid containers (they have small to huge ones and Betty crocker ones with red lid are great quality), cleaning buckets, juice (have name brand apple juices) check makeup bc sometimes they get name brand makeup like cover girl or milani, t.p is decent quality. I would never buy trashbags, shampoos, hair dyes, conditioners or mops….again.

  23. Some food pantry items – Chicken broth, jarred mushrooms, pretzels, chips etc, tomato sauce, sometimes they have full size cereal and baking products. Tea lights, batteries, seasonal decorations-some can be really nice

  24. Great video! Love your content 😃👍

  25. Love the DT. I buy lots of stuff there esp. The spices, coconut oil, cards & glasses. I do not buy the laundry detergent or the dish soap I dont like it. Pretty much shop there for a lot of things. Thanku for your video great job!

  26. Always buy pacifiers from the Dollar Tree. Babies throw them away somehow, they hide them somehow and you don’t think about it until you need them.

  27. This was spot on. Especially the stuff for kids. I am the grandfather of two boys and they have boxes of coloring books, flash cards and everything that you mentioned.

  28. Do cough drops go stale ??🤨

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