$100,000 PROFIT We Bought 100 Amazon Pallets for $2000 Storage Wars

$100,000 PROFIT We Bought 100 Amazon Pallets for $2000 Storage Wars

Great There is nothing more fun then Bidding on Abandoned Storage
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27 thoughts on “$100,000 PROFIT We Bought 100 Amazon Pallets for $2000 Storage Wars

  1. A usa delboy …lol this time next yr will be millionaires Roddy….lol

  2. Very important point you made, that some people may not have heard… when looking up an item on EBay,, don't look at the prices they're asking for that item,,, click on the link, to the left of the page of listings, that says "sold for",, that's what will give you an accurate idea of what those items are going for!
    Chin up, Renee!

  3. no worries m8, let the haters dump the hate, they just frustrated people and let me tell you, stop mention them and think about them coz its a waste of time rene. hard work always pays off and you have your family supporting you so…. share the good stuff with us and no worries be happy. all the best rene πŸ™‚

  4. Motivation bro !! We Want The Knowledge

  5. You guys are amazing …love you all…big fan from saudi arabia

  6. Bet mr yuuup is pist watching this lol

  7. Get the Critics out your mind Quick they don't Know what you know. Them Haters don't know Success like you Boss, how could they?

  8. I like your videos better than storage wars

  9. Love the video but clean that computer screen. You just sent my OCD into overdrive.

  10. Monthly pill boxes? Really,,,people would buy that online? *edit I see they weren’t birth control pills oops… heheh neat store I’d walk through and blow 50$ easily

  11. Dude let me know how to proceed with the plan!!!

  12. I would like to hear about it.

  13. Yes, please share the knowledge. I want to know 😊

  14. How did you get all that for $ 2000 Please send me info Thanks An Good job

  15. Keep up the hustle my friend, hard work pays off.

  16. Over 2 bottles 🍷🀣

  17. Love you guys fun to watch winners at work would love to learn from your expertise BTW Hows your Dad ?

  18. Rene how do I find your stuff on eBay?

  19. Hello, You are really nice people! I'm a fan, and I really like your videos. It's easy to celebrate your wins. I am glad I found your channel. It was getting harder and harder to watch Storage Wars series. Often too much negativity. I do not need that but your approach in these videos is a lot of fun. Lots of treasures out there for those who know to find them. My brother Samuel buys and sells games in CT. Thank you for sharing these!

  20. How can I buy from you by Ebay?

  21. Just wanted to say thank you for sharing your source of income with us

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