$100,000.00 PROFIT IN MONTH? I RISKED IT ALL! $7000 storage I bought an abandoned storage unit

$100,000.00 PROFIT IN MONTH? I RISKED IT ALL! $7000 storage I bought an abandoned storage unit


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33 thoughts on “$100,000.00 PROFIT IN MONTH? I RISKED IT ALL! $7000 storage I bought an abandoned storage unit

  1. I have tried to find the auction link to no avail. Is it too late????

  2. Those old people Mexican people are Pancho Villa and Zapata Mexican revolutionary people very famous Mexican

  3. 42:15. They are not binoculars, they are opera glasses, for use inside a theatre.

  4. Where can I set action results can't find it

  5. You find some cool stuff,do you collect anything yourself.or just money lol a lot of the stuff u find would fetch good money here in the UK

  6. Can you provide a link to the auction?

  7. I'm kind of late to the game!!
    Has the auction happened yet?

  8. Excelente colección amigo te felicito por lo organizado que son. Muy buen trabajo tengo dos días siguiendo te estoy impresionado con el trato de cada hayasgo

  9. You had more than$4 ? You had a vehicle ? Cellphone? Computer?

  10. a pity i am in Germany so i cant bid on anything,for instance the World Book of coins.Good luck Mike and children.Hope your dreams come tru for you.God bless.

  11. 45:57 is one of the two mini pistols where is the other one? In the box with the pistol was also a mini banknote and a cartridge what happened to it?

  12. I really enjoyed this playlist. You have showed me things I have never seen before. Things that are so beautiful and I'm glad you were able to rescue this stuff. Shoving all these wonderful things into a storage unit for the rats to eat is a sad sad thing. Good save dude.

  13. Wow BIG WISHES FOR YOUR AUCTION Pirate , love n peace always Carl n Keri in Fishburn co Durham UK

  14. that stuff could be sitting there for years, think youll sell a few items couple hundred quid, a bit ambitious 100.000.00 grand, hope you do well though.

  15. Solders in hospitals passed the time doing needle work, making items from shell cases, and painting.

  16. You need to. Look at the close of this video, I think his name is Alex…the expression on his face is priceless.

  17. Pirate, sometimes less is more, rely on your man to do a lot of the expert selling (like the chigger bite vs the Knick, best is nothing was said at all.) You are paying him to do a job to be a win win for both of you. 🍀🍀🍀🙃

  18. Raised on government cheese, Mom made plenty of meals a using government cheese. Hey pirate, I am happy you got some true knowledgeable help on this one. ☀️😎🍀💃💃💃

  19. Thank You Pirate, Grimes and Alex for dropping a lot of knowledge and taking us on this EPIC journey of the $7,000 unit!

  20. I just looked at the auction results: Dude you lost so much money. Half of that stuff, especially the shooting decoys and fishing stuff should have been in a specialised auction. The cowboy boots! Vintage Tony Lamas for 7 bucks!Hats, A stetson for 9 bucks. You really didn't know what you had did you…

  21. Curiosity Incorporated bought her estate shows her signature and her pottery the video is under i bought a hoarders mansion

  22. The pottery with MA on the bottom is made by a famous potter by the name of Mary Borgstrom

  23. You lost your research credentials at "Bible prophecy is real". lol

  24. Uzi is an Israeli gun air soft does like almost exact replicas so that israeli on the side is the same as an Uzi would have how you sell stuff you have not done research on u gotta know a little bit bout what your talking bout or just don't act like u know….that whole fake it till you make it doesn't work in these specialty areas where the buyers are gonna be experts

  25. Sorry but I commented on how you talk bout stuff you don't know anything about like that "nice little clock" isn't a clock it called a metronome

  26. #576 is FINE English solid sterling! OMG!

  27. I'm dying here. Not every duck is a Mallard. (I'm looking at the auction). Actual DECOYS are used for actual hunting. A lot of those ducks were just decor items. 466 & 468 are canvasback ducks.

  28. OMG. It is wood PLANE, not plain! Weather VANE, NOT vein! OMG – those vintage lures. People SCORED big time.

  29. @What the Hales 1:03:10 is on the TV!

  30. 57:54 – those horses are from State Fairs & carnivals. They are SUPER collectible. You won them at horse racing type midway games.

  31. I can't get to the site to bid. It keeps thinking I'm a robot. I have no problem with picking which photo has what in it. But when it comes to copying 15 lines of scrip and symbols in less than 2 minutes. I can't do it.

  32. Just a quick question, why not just get a fricken JOB? Rather than play the lottery with re-selling stuff from people who are down on their luck and they can't afford to pay on anymore. And hope you get what something is worth. Glad for ya with the great locker but no sympathy on the i had to risk everything for this.

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