$1000 | Are You SERIOUS? Storage Staff GONE CRAZY? BIG PROFIT MADE! 2 Abandoned Storage Units WON!

$1000 | Are You SERIOUS? Storage Staff GONE CRAZY? BIG PROFIT MADE! 2 Abandoned Storage Units WON!

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25 thoughts on “$1000 | Are You SERIOUS? Storage Staff GONE CRAZY? BIG PROFIT MADE! 2 Abandoned Storage Units WON!

  1. Make sure to check out the jewelry auction the we just uploaded!!!!

  2. To be a antique it needs to be over 60 years vintage is 60s thru 70s victorian 1870s 1910 any thing older than 1900s is antique art deco is in style as well and will bring good money Egyptian is early 1910s to the 1920s i have seen is collectibles and vintage your best chickens with lids are the pink and blue they are much older than the yellows browns and white real silver ware rogers is what we had it was a very expensive set worth 1700.00 having a family member who steals it hurts the whole family that is a nice set you will do well in that set a very good hummel will have numbers and most are with certificates as we have in our collections

  3. It was interesting to listen to ya'll talk about when you started working. I was 10 when I was cleaning cabins with mom, 11 started babysitting, 1st job busing tables at Frank's Broasted Chicken at 14 and worked ever since. So many jobs for others but finally was able to ditch employers and work for ME (worst boss EVER!) about 20 years ago. Being self-employed is 1/2 terror and 1/2 exhilaration and ALL the best blessing ever.

  4. Lol I m gonna hear the music box in head forever

  5. Merry Christmas Grimes Finds.

  6. The white rooster dish you found my mom has two.. paid $40 cdn per one so $30 USD

  7. Could you tell me when the stuff in this unboxing will be auctioned off? I am looking for craft stuff

  8. Road house. And unicorn horn?

  9. It's a Bear Bryant ALABAMA purse.

  10. Justin I'm interested in farm dishes . Are they going to be in the next auction? I have a set handed down to me several are chipped.

  11. You missed the perfect opportunity for “ that’s what she said!” Concerning the sausage fingers 😂

  12. I don't know if you know this or not but not all gold is stamped, my friend went to Vietnam for vacation and bought a nice gold chain and its not stamped the same with gold from Portugal I bought a chain from there while on vacation and no stamp, its real cause I had it tested and appraised when I got back to America

  13. Awesome unit! Great humor! Tyfs.

  14. I would love to have a Tanner show.

  15. I'm a little behind but that was Roadhouse and Austin Powers 🤣😂

  16. I believe the pin was a hat pin

  17. This lady attended a lot of people's home parties. Tiara glassware, Princess House crystal, and Park Lane jewelry are things I have seen you unbox in this video. All are from party plan companies with quality products.
    The pig jar didn't have baby blue or baby pink. The shreds are too dark for that.

  18. Hey brother wanted to ask you if you have any advice about selling on Facebook? I would normally sell on eBay but I’m done with those knobs. I have some quite valuable original Kisss collectibles and 29 kisss autographs. Basically it’s my entire life Kisss collection. I’ve posted it a few times before and barely got any kind of positive response. And I am offering it super cheap i’m attempting to sell it all in one lump but It’ll take too much time. I really need to learn online marketing
    No my brother thanks God bless you and your family keep on rockin merry Christmas and happy new year

  19. I know it used to be 20 years for something to be considered vintage or antique with cars but that was back in the beginning of the year 2000 🎵 in the year 2000
    🎶 ??

  20. Awesome Ren and Stimpy when the funniest cartoons ever

  21. WOW! I just read alot of the comments. I would go nuts reading those Why don't you do this or that? Why do you do this? I can't believe you don't? Criticisms and i didn't read them all lol Kudos to you Jeremy and all the positive comments!

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