Super In today’s video I take you guys to the dollar store to do the $100 shopping spree!! I bought 100 things!!!

I Have Offically Started Selling Merch! More To Come In The Near Future!

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  1. I went back to the Dollar Store and bought 100 things again! This time I could only BUY PINK THINGS!

  2. Sometimes they have amazing items! I found a hylarounic acid and vitamin c serum! It was awesome, really great incorporation in my skincare. Going on a shopping spree right now because of your videos haha. There is a DD's and Rainbow right next to the dollar store.
    I accidentally dumped half of my coconut exfoliant from bolero in the shower…I hope they restock soon. Great product! 😔😓

  3. If you love treasure hunts, dollar stores is where it’s at…I love checking out my local 99 cent stores & most bargain dollar stores😍🧖🏻‍♀️

  4. Where I live I dont have a dollar tree 🙁

  5. I thought my dollar tree was good but hunny nooooooooooi

  6. lol I don’t have a dollar tree where we live

  7. The sassy and chicc nails are really good

  8. Actually it is less than 100 items the dollar tree still does tax

  9. Berlo is the best brand and it’s vegan would recommend

  10. The green tea mud mask i bough a couple months ago is so good it makes your face tingle!

  11. I really enjoyed your video. I shop and find so many great things at the dollar tree. We bought the unicorn candle a while ago.
    Have a great day

  12. I have tried the ice nail color.. they are good

  13. May I please have your dollar tree. Your's is practically saphora! You have so many beauty products.

  14. CJ

    6:52 lmao that’s also a Billie ellish lyric

  15. So you just casually spend $100 at a dollar store
    Have fun!

  16. Do 200 dollars on dollar tree

  17. Don’t buy smelly or perfumy face masks please it ruins your skin.

  18. I work at this DollarTree it’s next to target

  19. I work at dollar tree and I wish you would’ve showed the barcode so my store could get these products 😭 we don’t have half the stuff that store had

  20. Idk if its just tge dollar tree near my house that bearly has anything and its kind messt is it just the one i go to?

  21. i really loved the hibiscus and pink clay. i also buy bolero sometimes. i like the new crafter line they have, Crafter's Choice. i find stickers, metallic and foil, among other things.

  22. My dollar tree has none of this

  23. I love how your trying to make all of the things here sound good 😂 there a freaking dollar

  24. "It only has 12 so make sure you get 2"

    How many fingers do you have?

  25. Can you get things that aren’t makeup and things for beauty maybe get like home decor or something else 😐

  26. I feel like the face masks would give me an allergic reaction 😬

  27. If I shopped at dollar tree with 100 dollars my mom would be like actually I only have 99 cause tax 😂

  28. everything in the dollar tree adds V.A.T

  29. “It comes with 12 so get 2” , I have ten fingers ???

  30. “This but I wish it was pink” me with anything lol

  31. Oml it’s bugging me so much that she is walking by all the amazing stuff that I want and she’s not getting them even though she’s supposed to be getting 100 things 😂🤣

  32. Every thing at dollar tree is a dollar but it still got taxes 🧐

  33. Your dollar tree have it all I need to come there

  34. I would love to win a shopping spree at Dollar tree that would be a dream come true I'm totally addicted to Dollar tree lol

  35. Am I the only one who doesn't live in the USA and really wants all of these 😂😂😭😭

  36. I dont care what anyone says…. Dollar stores are the shizz. They have like everything these days and getting better

  37. I dont care what anyone says…. Dollar stores are the shizz. They have like everything these days and getting better

  38. Bolero Beverly Hills has such good products for a great price you should definitely try them out . My Dolar Tree is always in stock and neat so I always see new Bolero Beverly Hill products and they always my skin so nice .

  39. I'm students and I wanna to learn English can u help me please😍❤️

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