$10 Million Dollar CEO Explains Why Fitness Helps In Business! (SUCCESS MOTIVATION)

$10 Million Dollar CEO Explains Why Fitness Helps In Business! (SUCCESS MOTIVATION)

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Enjoy this POWERFUL highlight clip from the FULL length interview with the CEO of Nutrition Solutions, CHRIS CAVALLINI!🔥 Chris shares the IMPORTANCE of eating healthy foods and exercising! Not only does fitness make you feel and look better, it also disciplines the mind, which can be beneficial when trying to reach your goals in both business and life!💯

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9 thoughts on “$10 Million Dollar CEO Explains Why Fitness Helps In Business! (SUCCESS MOTIVATION)

  1. Selling natty meals but you're on the roids

  2. i like the basic premise and topics , but all the swear words devalue the content being conveyed . There’s a way to speak with power without saying the F word every other sentence .

  3. Another all truth, all EGO interview.
    Womp womp. Would love to see an interview with someone with REAL depth, soul and a connection to the divine. All this shallow superficial discipline is the easy stuff. BOOOOORRRRRING.

  4. Awesome…Thank U and all the success to both!

  5. Raw truth and true power, loved every minute! Thanks for giving me a great start into a kickass day, brothers! Keep on smashing it today, everyone!

  6. As always, Omar provides yet ANOTHER amazing interview with ANOTHER amazing human being. How do you get these people to interview with you? I'm intrigued Omar. Keep doing what you're doing brother. I speak for all of us when I say we greatly appreciate all of your videos.😀

  7. This is the most important video I've ever seen. We all knew this, but the way this guy explains it, while looking like a beast but sounding really intelligent and wise, plus being worth millions. Plus I just had the same revelation earlier and was re-commiting the fitness thing first thing in the morning, so it came at the right time.

  8. Discipline crosses over into all areas of your life.

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