10 High End Costume Jewelry Brands You Need on Your Radar – Selling Jewelry on Ebay

10 High End Costume Jewelry Brands You Need on Your Radar – Selling Jewelry on Ebay

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I’m a stay at home mom, SAHM, that shares thrifty tips, frugal tips, how we live on one income, and how to make extra money to supplement our 1 paycheck household. I show exactly how I make money selling online, what I buy and sell in my ebay store and etsy store, and how to make a passive income from Merch by Amazon, Amazon Affiliates, Youtube, and more! If you are looking for ways to make extra money and find frugal tips for your family, you have come to the right place!

I have found that reselling online is a great way to make money online as a stay at home mom. I pick up things to resell in my Ebay Store and my Etsy Store, both called Texas Gal Treasures. In many of my videos I share how to sell things on ebay and etsy to make a profit so I can make money fast working from home. I enjoy selling jewelry from estate sales, thrift stores, and opening jewelry jars to find the texas treasures within!

This channel is all about making and saving money, learning and having fun for stay at home moms and dads, entrepreneurs, work from home being your own boss peeps, jewelry lovers, shirt makers and more! I teach you how I sell on ebay, etsy, amazon and more. I share what to look for in thrift stores, garage sales, and estate sales. I also show you how to list and ship products to customers that you are flipping for profit!

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34 thoughts on “10 High End Costume Jewelry Brands You Need on Your Radar – Selling Jewelry on Ebay

  1. Howdy fellow Texan! so glad I stumbled upon your channel, I have already learned SO much from you and your FB group!

  2. I have a suitcase full of vintage costume jewelry like Miriam Haskell, Trifari and so much more . Every time I get it out to separate things and look on the back I get so overwhelmed I stop and put it all up. And I want to sale it all.

  3. Why don't you filter and show the sold listings instead of what's active on ebay? Then sort by highest price….. That way you can see what items are actually selling for vs what sellers are trying to get

  4. Love that Ann dick piece so unique

  5. Best online shopping site for women's accessories. Low prices, great quality check out

  6. Thanks for the video do you have a eBay license ??? Someone told me you need one if u ….

  7. Hello In Arizona They stop selling jewelry, They now send it e-commerce

  8. Great list! I remember Nina Ricci being a big deal when I was young, probably when there was some kind of collaboration with Avon. Are those marked Nina Ricci or only Avon?

  9. Very informative, still trying to learn more about jewelry myself.

  10. Check out Loren Hope. She may be the most talented designer in the country right now. Very artistic and all made in America. Also, a few of the brands you mentioned are private label brands and not real people. Check out Loren Hope though, one of my favorites.

  11. Thx.for sharing..i appreciate you .

  12. Very glamorous,very Old Hollywood,very over the top.

  13. I have a robert Larin pewter necklace worth over $2000 and I paid $2.99 at a thrift store in Canada I thought it could be silver but it tests as not silver also over 400 grams of all karats of gold in January 2019 alone I know some amazing costume jewellery valuables I consider sherman coro and most cheap antiques low grade and resell them I currently have over 100,000 pcs forsale in canada for $500 I would take $100 if you are in canada it weighs over 1000 pounds I collect gemstones I bought a massive alexanderite 28 carats but I think its synthetic still worth $7500 I payed $3.99 and it came with a few gold pendants one with a big nephrite cabochaun I basically get every single nice piece of jewellery in my city at both thrift stores I have over 100 pounds of natural stone over 3 kilos of natural pearl piles of silver and crazy amounts of real loose emerald sapphire ruby. Also a 175 carat boulder opal it in a pizza slice shape I usually scrap most gold to get more silver and keep all gemstones I have even bought diamonds for $5.99 at 0.3 cts and a p900 platinum necklace with 5 small diamonds also a few years ago I bought $10,300 in gold from a yard sale for $10.25

  14. one of your better videos..takes forever to get the video started..

  15. I would have assumed Anne Klein. Lol

  16. Just subbed, you are informative and very likeable, great job!

  17. This is so sad but true I saw a sale were a lady came while I was shopping and picked up a create full to the top w/ jewerly I asked could I look at some and the mananger told me no! That she had sold it to the customer for $250 but I could get the same deal just ask I felt so betrayed "This was 12/2018

  18. I was laying down watching one of these and fell asleep. Like 5 videos played while asleep and my dreams were full of jewelry lol.

  19. do you ever buy jewellery on ebay to sell on etsy? if so how did it go?

  20. Will you please spell the name of the brand of jewelry? TYVM 🌹

  21. Margaret, I love that you share your knowledge 🙂

  22. Thank you very informative..I’ll look through my jewelry

  23. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your jewelry knowledge with us. I am learning so much!!  Fascinating….

  24. I love your videos Margaret, thank you!!

  25. Can you do a video on what looks like high end and obviously old vintage peice but there is no makers mark..what do we do with those types of peices as far as listing price..i have a great bracelet, if it had a makers mark im sure it would fetch alot but it has no mark. I dont want to just sell it for cheap i can tell its worth $$.. your thoughts on that would be great.. thank u

  26. This is good info: I have hundreds of peaces and this gives me some hope that they are worth something.

  27. Where do you sell your jewerly?

  28. I have a costume jewelry diamond necklace, with a nice clasp and matching earrings, but no maker marks. I know it’s very old, but no clue what to think.

  29. Hi! how can I find you on ebay? thanks..

  30. Did you do more videos like this? It was very helpful. Thank you.

  31. Great information! Thank you for all your help! I am really enjoying your videos

  32. My 10 year old daughter picked up a box of vintage costume jewelry for $.50 yesterday. We are not familiar with brands. There is a few pieces that say Roman, Lisner, and L.H. Segal. Our local jeweler said not to sell on Ebay, we would pay too many fees. I don't know anything about it. Can anyone offer some advice?

  33. I have hoarded over 2,000 pounds of jewelry from jars and bins. Trying to figure out if I should sell by pound or separate. Found great stuff over 6 years.

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