10 Dollar Store DIY's ~ Halloween Black & White Themed Home Decor ~ Classy & Creepy Crafts!

10 Dollar Store DIY's ~ Halloween Black & White Themed Home Decor ~ Classy & Creepy Crafts!

Super Happy Halloween everyone! This video is jam packed with craft ideas to add some fun and spooky decor to your home using affordable supplies from Dollar Stores! I love how these Dollar Store Halloween DIY’s turned out and I promised more than a few subscribers that I would share all of my Halloween project ideas this year (hence the 20 minutes…lol…grab a snack and spend some time with me!) 🙂

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38 thoughts on “10 Dollar Store DIY's ~ Halloween Black & White Themed Home Decor ~ Classy & Creepy Crafts!

  1. OMG! everything is amazing been looking all night for halloween diy videos and i finallu found this cant wait to start decorating for halloween! Your amazing

  2. Super-enjoyed watching all your projects. Black and white is classic. I love DT and get many items from there, but I’m envious of those who have 99 cents stores – I want both! TFS

  3. BEST DIY that I've seen in a long time. You are very creative. Exactly what I was looking for this year. Thank you!

  4. These are great projects! Unfortunately, those 99¢ stores are only in 3 states so the rest of us can't recreate what you make :'( But I still love to watch your videos!

  5. It's August time for Halloween I'm gonna be abi from ncis but as a sugar skull

  6. OMG!! Love the male and female skull decor and the snake in the cage lamps! I wish I had a 99 Cent store. We have a Dollar Tree and Dollarama, and their skulls usually arent as good as those ones, nor do they have those awesome birdcages. Those childrens hats are so cute! If you haven't guessed, I am binge watching your videos via your Dollar Store DIY playlist. Great videos!❤👍

  7. I’m a little late to this video but my phone knows that I LOVE Halloween 🎃 so it showed up in my suggested watch lineup. I love all of your ideas!! I could probably use a few of these in my bedroom. I have it Gothic/Baroque themed. I’m an old school gen x punk rock girl! Hahahahaha my Dad wished me a Happy Halloween every day 😂😂😂

  8. These were great can't wait to make these for this year!

  9. Very cute I have to use some of your ideas tfs🎃😱💀👿👾👽👺👹

  10. What is the theme going to be for you Christmas DIYs this year

  11. Your crafts are always gorgeous ,You are so creative👍!!!

  12. Wow, never even really thought just simple black and white. I love this. Clean and classic!

  13. ➡️ I love how your reusing your holloween decorations from last year & putting a twist on it & changing it up a bit… Looks awesome.. u go girl⚠️ 🎃☠️

  14. Great ideas! My favourite is the skull dressed up couple . 💀💀 love them all though.

  15. Glad to see u again any country xmas decor happening soon

  16. These came out great, you have an eye for arrangements!

  17. ➡️GREAT JOB … 🙂

  18. Hi. I just stumbled upon your channel. Iam a new subscriber. You have some awesome ideas. Looking forward to getting into past videos and excited for new ones to come. Thank you for sharing!!!!


  20. Amazing! You're so talented. You come up with so many inspiring things. You were born to be a crafter 🖤🕸️🦇👻💀

  21. As always ! you delivered beautiful DIY… I'm not big with Halloween…where I came from we don't celebrate this event…but your creativity is intoxicating and you even set me up in the mood…those skulls and anything creepy and scary is not for me yet I really enjoyed your video and how you conceptualized all the designs…thank you for sharing this video…I am hoping you make videos for Christmas decors and ornament. also use, creative and unique pieces from the dollar tree

  22. Such beautiful DIY'S! And that black glitter tulle! It is so nice for crafts but it definitely is a nightmarebto deal with!

  23. You are so talented and creative I really enjoyed watching your channel

  24. Again… Your vision is outstanding! Socks?!? Who else would think to wrap a vase and socks??? Genius! I am jelly I did not see black and white scarves I would have snatched them up myself! I have a feeling like me you were not able to find any black and white buffalo check please scars from the dollar tree with that be a correct assumption?? Melissa, thank you so much for sharing your vision with us!!!!

  25. The white satin ribbon ends up looking like a coffin lining, which adds a whole other level of creepy to the wreath! I really love the crow silhouette with the lantern too. Your projects are always so darn clever!

  26. Wow all of your DIY’s look professional! I just love your videos! I can’t wait for Xmas diy’s!

  27. Wow!!! You've been busy!!! I love them and your creativity!! The candelabra is genius!! Cool idea using the sock too!!!

  28. WOW! so creative! I think my favorite is the socks and vase!

  29. Wow …. am in love you are so creative !!! I am always on the look for your videos … love everyone of this projects 💀 thanks

  30. Super awesome 👏 just love 💕 all ten. You have so much talent. Great ideas. Also I love how neat you make all your crafts. They are always so clean and neat looking in the back where most people don’t care cuz you can’t see it. But yours are always very neat and clean. I can tell that you take pride in your crafts. I think that’s very admirable. Keep up the GREAT work and thank you so much for sharing your talent. God Bless

  31. 👍👍👍😱👽🎃 great job tfs

  32. Awesome decor, really good ideas . Love them. Tfs.hope you have a blessed day 😊

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