$10 Bodega Challenge with Wiki and Your Old Droog | Sean in the Wild

$10 Bodega Challenge with Wiki and Your Old Droog | Sean in the Wild

Wonderful Few institutions are more synonymous with life in NYC than the local neighborhood bodega. From snacks and sandwiches to blunt wraps and laundry detergent, chances are the store on your block has it all. As a Chicago native, Sean Evans is a relative newcomer to the Vienna sausage-stacked aisles of the bodega. In the hopes of understanding NYC’s most enigmatic marketplace, Sean enlisted the help of Wiki and Your Old Droog: two of the city’s fastest-rising MCs. Together, Wiki and Droog breakdown the bodega dos and don’ts, examine the store’s influence on New York hip-hop, and go on a luxurious $10 shopping spree. Who can make a dollar stretch the farthest on the Lower East Side? Watch the latest episode of SITW and find out.

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Season 1
Episode 16

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32 thoughts on “$10 Bodega Challenge with Wiki and Your Old Droog | Sean in the Wild

  1. Wow these people dumb hahaha….grabs a toilet paper and says "you can do your grocery shopping here" toilet paper ain't groceries 🤣🤣, then the other dude trying to say he is cheap or frugal but he says "I'm fiscal" lmfao what?

  2. I live in reading pa, there’s a bodega literally on every other corner in my city !!! And all them Dominican boys are from New York . Yup they sell them dick pills to lmao. We’re that chop cheese at though ?

  3. dude had a red sox hat on lol

  4. M W


  5. I feel like the cashier wearing a red sox hat sends the wrong message

  6. Wiki really toilet paper that's way to real lol I'm dead

  7. 2:57 that bitch looked back like where my 10 bucks nigga

  8. Ask these two to balance a check book and watch the smoke fume out of the ears. Or Write a business plan, sit back and presume to laugh.

  9. Whats the namd of the cookies

  10. Look up your ol droog…on youtube w edan "wichin in the kitchen" thank me later.

  11. Nobody's bringing up the bodega clerk wearing a Red Sox cap in the middle of Manhattan

  12. I grow up in Philadelphia an i always knew my corner store as the bodega lol im 40 years old lol

  13. That looks like the bx or harlem

  14. 50cent for the loosey for sure ctfu

  15. thought this was gonna be about getting some lamb and rice, a bag of chips and a beer for $10 tho…

  16. you can get those welchs on the train for a buck

  17. Worst representation of a Bodega lunch….EVER.

  18. Guess a bodega ain’t nothing but a liquor store lol. Y’all call it a bodega I call it a liquor store lol

  19. Why didn't they get a chopped cheese or a sandwich and for the rest a soda and a little bag of chips or a cookie or choclate? Spending all that money just on drinks and candies just doesn't seem right to me because 10 bucks can buy you some nice stuff at a bodega😆

  20. My guy with the £5 munch shout out

  21. We were doin Natty ice and OJ in 2003 we called it the "Nicole Brown"

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